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Nanci is available for written / live interviews, TV appearances, commercials, seminars, marketing projects and more…

Please call / email for more info.


Professional seminars available on a variety of topics from general nutrition and fitness to nutrigenomics forhealth and sport to advanced strategies for athlete training and performance nutrition. Invest in quality for your professional presentations at academic meetings, sports/training camp venues, office/corporate clients, schools, fitness facilities or at other private or public locations.

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Nanci has published hundreds of nutrition columns and articles in addition to peer-reviewed publications. Skilled research services for your articles or educational/resource materials.

Fee structure for this service will vary, depending on the topic to be researched and the amount of time allocated to the research process. Please contact

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Inform, educate, entertain. Articles pertaining to health, fitness, sport/general nutrition or nutrigenomics will be tailored to suit your goals and target readership.

Prices will vary depending on the time needed to research your topic, and the length of the article. Some Pro Bono writing provided, please contact for details.

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Original Articles

  • Guest, NS. Vegan and Plant-Based Diets in Sport and Exercise. NutritionX 2021. 
  • Guest, NS and Lynch, H. Plant Based Diets and Athletic Performance. Aspetar J Sport Med, Volume 15, p 10. 2021.
  • Guest, N.S., et al. VanDusseldorp, T.A., Nelson, M.T. et al. International society of sports nutrition position stand: caffeine and exercise performance. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 18, 1 (2021).
  • Thakkar D, Sicova M, Guest N, Garcia-Bailo B, El-Sohemy A. HFE Genotype and Endurance Performance in Competitive Male Athletes. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2021 January;PAP.

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Nanci regularly participates in interviews with media, guests on podcasts and is interviewed for various publications.

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