Research Services

Your reputation is important and providing your clients & customers with the facts is an integral component to your professionalism as a business or educational entity.

Be well informed when constructing your books, brochures, website or other documents and presentations. Let me do the hard work, and provide you with concise and up to date evidence based information for your educational or business needs.

Research for food/supplement companies is also available. Formulation for various products is based on my experience for nutritional needs of individuals as well as the scientific criteria validating specific ingredients to be included in such foods and/or supplements.

Researching scientific literature is time consuming, confusing and takes specialized knowledge & skills to be able to separate accurate information from the abundance of misinformation that is widely distributed in books, magazines, TV and the internet.

Nanci has published hundreds of nutrition columns and articles, including the publication of her research “Stress Fractures and Disordered Eating Behaviours in Female Runners” in the peer-reviewed journal “The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism”

Fee structure for this service will vary, depending on the topic to be researched and the amount of time allocated to the research process. Please contact me