Writing Services

I will do the necessary research to summarize the current science and trends on a variety of health, fitness and nutrition topics. Choose a topic for your publication, and I will tailor the article to suit the needs & level of understanding for your target readership. The accuracy of the content in articles is critical, and my background in research will provide you with the most current information provided in the scientific literature, as well as a “practicality” component to ensure a valuable “take home message” to your readers.

My articles have been in Shape, Oxygen, Training and Conditioning, Muscle & Fitness, Chatelaine, and many more. I also write for a variety of newsletters, websites and provide resources for educational purposes (govt and private) & product/services marketing.

Professional/Scientific publications are in Publications section.

Prices will vary depending on the time needed to research your topic, and the length of the article. Exposure is always a welcomed benefit when writing for a widely distributed publication, and Nanci is open to providing this service free of charge as a means of promoting her services.